Dalian New Timeast Offshore Oil Equipment Co., Ltd.

Business Introduction: Structure Construction, Piping Production & Installation, Equipment Installation, I/E Installation and Debugging 

Structure Construction

Due to the complexity of the marine structure engineering, the rigor of the standard implementation and the particularity of the working environment, which determine the difficulty of the structure construction engineering. During the actual construction period, TIMEAST has mastered technical specifications and requirements of the construction, accumulated rich experience in construction, set up a complete management system, and possessed of a sound management and construction teams. Therefore, in the aspect of marine structure construction engineering, TIMEAST has quite strong competitiveness and good reputation. Our company undertook several FPSO upper modules and the flare tower, and the construction of JU2000 drilling deck pile legs and SUPER M2 pile legs.

Pipeline Manufacturing and Installation

The prefabrication and installation of pipelines are an important part of the company’s engineering construction business. The company has successively undertaken the pipeline prefabrication and installation of FPSO main hull and upper module, pipeline prefabrication and installation of the drilling platform, pipeline prefabrication and installation of the and petrochemical project. Especially in the production of nonferrous metal and high-pressure pipeline, the company has achieved outstanding achievements in the aspects of Cu-Ni alloys, super duplex stainless steel and titanium alloy pipeline manufacturing.

Equipment Installation

The company equipment installation business is mainly concentrated in shipbuilding and marine engineering project construction, including installation and debugging of marine engine and ancillary equipment, shafting and rudder system alignment and installation, deck equipment installation and debugging, etc. The company’s construction team has reached 100 people, including 2 senior engineers, 4 engineers, 1 senior technician and 2 technicians.

I/E Installation and Debugging

I/E installation and debugging is the core business of the company. We have achieved outstanding performance of I/E installation and debugging in ship domain and marine platform area.

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